The Top 10 Best Coffee Beans

The Top 10 Best Coffee Beans

When you buy coffee beans, it can be quite confusing, so how do you choose the best beans for your morning espresso? The below information will allow you to buy the best coffee beans for you and allow yourself to always enjoy a good cup of coffee. Whether you are looking for a strong coffee bean or just want to enjoy the pure taste of caffeine, we have highlighted the top ten coffees for coffee lovers. Whether you like coffee to get you into energy mode or just like it for its rich aroma, these coffee beans have something to offer for every coffee lover. [Sources: 8]

Choosing the right beans for your morning cup of joy can be confusing at first, as there are so many variations and specialties. Having so much choice does not make the decision any easier, and can only make it more overwhelming. 


The four types of coffee beans that you can buy are Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa. Arabica accounts for around 70% of the world's production and is the most popular bean due to their easy harvest. Robusta comes in at second place in terms of popularity. It has double the amount of caffeine in comparison to Arabica, and for this reason is how it got its name! The Liberica bean is less popular these days with the rise of the Arabica and Robusta preferences, though is still well enjoyed all over the world. This bean is asymmetrical in shape and has a fruitier profile. Lastly, Excelsa beans are the least common bean, though are used to give the coffee a more complex flavour. They are similar to Liberica with its fruity profile, but also possesses a tart and light roast flavour. 



With this, brands put their own spin on unique blends to take your coffee experience to the next level. Luckily for you, I’ve done all of the hard work already and rounded up my top picks for the best coffee beans in existence. Trust me when I say you need all of these in your life.


1. Jimmy Grindz Biggie Blend.

Coming in at number one is the Jimmy Grindz Biggie Blend. This smooth blend is loaded with chocolatey and sexy flavours that will leave you satisfied all day. It's dark roast will give you a really rich and full bodied punch. This blend is from Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Nicaragua, and very reminiscent of a southern Italy style of blend. Overall, it is full bodied, low acid, smooth and rich. It’s my number one for a reason.


2. Goodness Galileo by local roaster

Closely followed is Goodness Galileo by local roaster, Coffee Alchemy. This single origin blend is packed with notes of caramel, chocolate and nuts, and is guaranteed to get your day starting the right way. This is perfect for your favourite type of milk based coffee, providing a comfortable blend and straightforward flavour. 


3. Black Star Coffee’s Revolution Espresso House Blend.

Next up is Black Star Coffee’s Revolution Espresso House Blend. This product is at the core of Black Star Coffee, and for good reason too. It’s versatile and consistent with bold tasting notes of sweet biscuit and dark toffee. Its origins are Colombia, Brazil and India, and is definitely a crowd pleaser. 


4. Jimmy Grindz Fleetwood blend.

Fourth place is notably the Jimmy Grindz Fleetwood blend. This one is more medium bodied with a fruitier blend. I love this one with oat milk as a latte. These flavours shine through from the natural processed Ethiopian origins, paired with the chocolate character from the Brazillian beans. It has a midpoint roast profile that gives it the rich and complex flavour. 


5. Killerbee by Single O

If you need some regular sweetening up like I usually do, the Killerbee by Single O is a non-negotiable. This deliciously sweet blend gets its flavour from gradual development of the coffees natural sugars during the maillard reaction in the coffee roasting process, until that sweet spot is found. It’s tropical, with honey undertones and a creamy body. Its origins are Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil.


6. The Roots from Mecca

A favourite blend of mine that I couldn’t skip out on mentioning is The Roots from coffee roaster, Mecca. This whole bean blend is rich and comforting, with blueberry, thyme and chocolate fudge flavours. What makes this blend so special though, is its origin. It comes from the Okapa District right in the centre of the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Here the terrain is very rugged and mountainous, which makes sourcing coffee very difficult. Though, the team at Mecca have partnered with local farmers to create a fully traceable coffee initiative. This blend is sweet, and reminiscent of Jaffa chocolate. 


7. Market Lane’s, La Ponderosa

For those who are looking for something environmentally conscious, then be sure to hit up Market Lane’s, La Ponderosa. This boutique roaster offers their beans in bags that are made from renewable plant based materials, as well as being partly compostable and biodegradable. This blend has flavours of apple, rich pineapple and cocoa, and is sourced from Guatemala and Huehuetenango. 


8. Ona Coffee’s Peach Lemonade

For a completely unique coffee experience, check out Ona Coffee’s Peach Lemonade. Jump into Summer with this refreshing and sweet espresso. This blend combines acidic Kenyan coffee, Ethipoian florals and Honduran sweetness to give you a caffeinated version of lemonade! It’s something that you need to try for yourself, to inevitably fall in love with. 


9. Well Rounded from Proud Mary Coffee

One of my favourite single origin blends is the Well Rounded from Proud Mary Coffee. This blend explores nougat, honey and yellow apple flavours and is sourced from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. It’s inspired by the bright yellow flowers of the Guayacan and its mountainous and sacred landscape. This enticing coffee bean is not like something you’ve tried before, yet is an uncomplicated and pleasurable blend. 


10. Rose Street Blend from Industry Beans

Lastly, I could not forget to mention the Rose Street Blend from Industry Beans. This has an interesting combination of citrus and cherry flavours, and is incredibly easy to drink. Its full bodied and smooth, as well as being an espresso strong enough to cut through milk. This one’s sourced from Brazil, Guatemala and Tanzania making this coffee creamy, gentle and sweet. If you are after the strength of traditional coffee, and the quality of speciality coffee, this one is for you. 

    Those are my top 10 best blends that you seriously cannot skip out on. Whether you love a smooth blend for your morning latte, or a rich and flavourful espresso that gets you through the day, you have to try the blends on this list! Let me know which ones are your favourite. 

    Shari x