Doing our part

Striving for zero waste

Our Zero Waste Mission

We started Jimmy Grindz with the goal of being a zero-waste online coffee business. We say zero waste as we really want to minimize the impact our business operations have on the environment, after all, we’re not tossers!

Finding biodegradable packaging options was a challenge, but we got there in the end. The biodegradable packaging that we use is x5 the cost of regular packaging but the idea of making more profit and polluting the environment with cheaper bags was not worth it to us. We also were able to find biodegradable stickers which were x10 the cost of regular stickers but once again figured that we are doing the right thing to do so it is worth it in the end. Even the ink we use to stamp the packages with is eco friendly - how cool is that?!

We have even found ways to re-use coffee grinds as body scrubs with recipes we have searched online and other recipes we developed ourselves after some playful testing. Coffee grinds can also be used in gardening as a soil of sorts! Who knew…well you may have but we didn’t at first.

Using couriers is a vital part of getting our products to our customers and that involves a lot of driving and pollution so to combat this we teamed up with a courier distribution partner who is carbon neutral. Being carbon neutral means that our courier distribution partner calculates how much carbon is generated by our drivers from the moment it is picked up to when it is delivered. They then purchase carbon offsets to support projects that prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount to achieve net-zero emissions overall - pretty awesome right?!

Biodegradable Packaging & Carbon Neutral